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Professional Roof Repair Services In Prince George

At Northwind Roofing Ltd, we bring you a wide range of roof repair services in Prince George. Our team consists of certified journeyman roofers. We are fully insured, fully licenced, and our company maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Are you looking for specific services such as chimney flashing repairs, skylight repairs, asphalt roofing repair or any other kind of replacement, installation or repair for a damaged roof on your property? Our crew has the skills, tools and products from leading brands to accomplish the task to perfection.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Roofing Repairs

We help you with the following kinds of roof repair services:

Chimney flashing repairs and installation:
Chimney flashing is installed around the chimney. It comes in various kinds. The flashing is connected to the roof to create a waterproof seal and protect the area from moisture. Thus leaks and stains are the first signs of damage.


Skylight flashing repairs and installation :

Similar to chimney flashing, the skylight flashing prevents water leaks and damage to the roof, protecting its structure. It also encounters rusting and mould over time and may need regular repairs.


Curb-mounted skylight installation :

Curb-mounted skylights are a common choice. They are highly preferred as they can effectively prevent water leakage and have more glass area. The double-walled ones insulate and ensure temperature regulation in your property.


Asphalt roofing repairs :

Asphalt is an often-used, cost-effective roofing material with varying textures for a smart finish. This kind of roof is popular for its durability, but with time, it may require minor repairs or a fresh coating of solar reflective paint.


Vent and ridge vent installations and repairs
Roof ridge vents keep the home well-ventilated and protect the roof from weather damage and harmful mould. Roof vents can face damage in extreme weather conditions like hail, snowstorms or heavy rainfall.


  EPDM rubber roofing repairs :

The highly durable, lightweight and affordable EPDM “rubber roof” may shrink or puncture over time and may not protect your property as effectively as it once did. This makes its repair inevitable.

If you encounter such roof problems or more, you can count on Northwind Roofing Ltd.


Is Your Roof Leaking or Worn-Out?

Our certified journeyman roofers will restore the roof so it is good as new.

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